Venturing through realms of various techno styles, innovative progressive & hypnotic psychedelia; Volkiene’s sets explore a diverse range of energies with seamless driving progression. Paired with his strong suit of drumming background, Cam Volkiene bridges gaps between live performance & Dj; delivering unique, hybrid Dj sets incorporating electronic drums & sampling.

Accompanied by his focus on innovation, quickly evolving taste and maturity in sound, Cameron is rapidly climbing the ranks of Australia’s most well known progressive & psytrance Dj’s. Having entered the outdoor scene in early 2015 he has been on what seems to be an endless tour travelling interstates of Australia relentlessly playing sets & immersing in opportunity. 2016 & 17 has been consistent forward progression & respectful establishment within contrasting music scenes of Australia; including the likes of the underground doofing world, alternative festival circuit, techno & trance events outdoors & in.

The next chapter for Volkiene lies within music production & international music ventures whilst staying connected & active in the Australian scene. Sharing this journey with Cameron are two Australian record labels (Bassic Records, Higher Recordings) which he holds close to his heart and represents with pride. Both of which whom are crafting innovative styles in sound & breaking musical boundaries.