LUKEMATH a.k.a The Math began his passion for electronic music as early as 10, heavily influenced by the party scene overseas and the birth of a new sound that was taking the world by storm… Trance.

He was first introduced to a pair of 1200s at a party and quickly fell in love, purchasing a pair of belt driven geminis soon after. Lured into Melbourne’s worldwide renowned Trance and Hard Trance scene at the age of 15, by 16 he was playing his first gig.

The Math continued his journey in the hard trance scene playing along side some of Australia’s finest dj’s and supporting many international acts over the years. During his career he has played at some of Melbourne’s best nightclubs including Hard Kandy, PHD, Elevation, 3d, Krankin and at other events such as Summer Dayz, God, Pharmacy, NRG, Sun Shine People, online, War of the Worlds, earthcore and Rainbow Serpent.

He has also recently been added to the earthcore resident’s artilary and supported infected mushroom this year. Over the last 15 years The Math has explored just about every genre of electronic music. With an impressive music collection and a deep passion for rockin’ the dancefloor, he incorporates his early influence and crazy mixing methods to get the crowd fired up what ever the style is!

Over the last 6 years Lucas has been following the birth of the new prog style.. that has hit the world by storm! Following every top artist in the scene and helping discover new talent, the Math knows what people want to hear!

If you get the chance to see the him play expect nothing but an uplifting banging creative set promised to get you jumping